Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In Lieu of Flowers

Yesterday I contacted Reece's Rainbows to let them know that we chose their charity to honor the memory of our beloved Jameson. I just want to share with you all that all donations given in honor of our Jameson with go into the adoption fund of their little Jamison. He is also 3 yrs old and I believe he is in a Russian orphanage, waiting for someone to want him. He is waiting for a family to love him and claim him and bring him home. I feel so much joy in my heart as I see the way God is using our pain in such a beautiful way to help others. This little Jamison deserves to experience the same love and life that our Jameson knew and I love that we have the opportunity to help in that process.

Little Man asked if we could bring him home since J is in heaven. He is having such a difficult time understanding what is happening and why he feels the way he does. He was extremely concerned that Jameson has no toys in heaven. We've started a little "game" with him whenever he gets really worked up about Jameson. We think of what J is doing in heaven right now and present Little Man with wonderful pictures of his brother playing on the beach, making sand castles with Jesus or eating chocolate milkshakes with Great Grandmas and Grandpas. It is actually nice for me too. Everyone keeps telling me that this is the hardest time and it will get easier. I hope it gets easier for Little Man too.

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