Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sigh. Jameson started having a rough time about 5 minutes after I posted the last post talking about how great he was doing. Sigh. He was struggling with withdrawal and pain and poop all day long. It is so hard to seem him writhe in pain, grinding his teeth, watching his heart rate stay in the 180's and 190's and watch him desat as a result of pain. He passed more tissue in his stools today and the cramping and rumbling never stopped. Auntie K was right on when she said it feels like he has a motor in his tummy. His temperature climbed up to 39.5, too, so we took more cultures today. We maxed out his fentanyl bumps and tried chlorol to calm him down so he could catch his breath, but it only worked for 25 minutes. The intensivist thinks we are weaning him from pentobarb too quickly so he gave him a pentobarb bolus and increased his drip to 1.4. It was 1.5 yesterday morning and 1.25 yesterday afternoon when we went down. Pentobarb was really, really great when we needed it, but now it is a headache, especially for J. Hopefully weaning him slower than molasses will work. After getting the bolus, he did calm down and fell deep asleep for the first time all day. Hubs just emailed me to let me know he is now saturating well and his heart rate is down in the 140's. Whew. Hopefully he will sleep all night long so Daddy can get some studying done!! Thank you all for your love and prayers!

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