Thursday, January 6, 2011


It was just my birthday. I wanted it to be a really fun and special day. I started out with good coffee in the "fancy" mug. And I added whipped cream just because I could.

Notice the sink full of dishes in the background that I ignored all morning.

Little Man slept in so I was able to stay in my jammies and savor my coffee for a really long time. When he got up, he declared it was a fine morning for bacon.
Bacon it was. And maybe a strawberry breakfast bar for Little Man, too. I had already eaten a birthday cookie when he was still sleeping.

After breakfast, we jammed to some good music and played with Legos and rocket ships until the favorite toy could no longer be put off. Big Buck Hunter. Uncle N is to thank for this sweet gem. Normally, I am totally against video games, especially at Little Man's age; I still cringe if he watches more than one PBS show a day. I probably should have told Uncle N that Little Man is much too young for a video game, especially one that promotes shooting animals with guns. But, seriously, it is so much freaking fun to play! We all love it. And if you choose to judge me, so be it, but I think you should try to game once first.

After we slayed a few bucks, we had to get dressed and head out. I had to get a flu shot and go grocery shopping for dinner and cake ingredients. While I was getting ready, I noticed this for the first time.

Do you see it? Gray hair! And not just a pretty silver strand. Oh no, this is that wiry, curly, I-will-not-be-tamed type. Very fitting on my birthday. I contemplated yanking it. Thought about how long it will be before I can afford to use a salon for haircuts and dye jobs. I know myself well enough to not try to do it myself at home. And yes, Hubs is the family barber. But back to the gray...there were two of them there, side by each, looking rather rebellious and proud of themselves for choosing my birthday to show themselves. And I looked at them and smiled. They have got to be a birthday gift from J; I earned those silver strands over the past few months and I will wear them proudly. At least until I can get my hair done.

For dinner, we had homemade Juicy Lucys and sweet potato fries. I found a recipe online and prayed that that they would be at least half as good as The Nook's Lucys. And they were awesome! If you've never tried one, come visit me and I'll make you one sometime. With Hub's homebrew on tap, my love of cooking, and Big Buck Hunter in the living room, my house has officially become my favorite pub.

As if that wasn't enough fun for one day, we had birthday cake. Little Man and Hubs both watched as I sang to myself. If you know my boys, that shouldn't be any surprise. And I blew out the candles and sliced open the happiest cake that ever was. Seriously. Not only did it taste great, but it just made me smile.

I ran out of frosting and was too lazy to make more, but next time I'll get it all covered.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and phone calls. I am still avoiding the phone like the plague, but the voice mails are nice. It was a bittersweet day; I miss my Jameson so much and thought about him all day. He would have loved the cake. I sure hope I can bake in heaven so I can make him one when I get to go home, too.

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