Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jameson continues to amaze everyone with his strength and determination to do this his way. He always has been an independent child and that hasn't changed one bit. He is quite sedate, but today he has been squeezing our fingers and trying to open his eyes to check us out when we talk to him and sing to him. Hubs and I spent hours last night cuddling with him and remembering all of our amazing and wonderful adventures over the past three years. Jameson has had such a full and wonderful life; while we will always regret J not having a future here, we have no regrets for the past three years. Jameson fully knows love and happiness and fun and adventure. He has camped, swam in oceans and lakes and rivers and fished and canoed and enjoyed smores and dinner parties and campfires and rainbows and friends and fireworks and walks and waterfalls and cookies and State Fair milkshakes and Disney and Gator football. He's been to Alaska and seen whales and bears and moose. He has a passport and has been to Canada and gone boating in some of the more beautiful places on this earth. He has a best friend in his brother and life has been one big sleep over party for the two of them. He's enjoyed cheesecake and souffle and eggs florentine and cheese curds and birthday cake. He's had too many dance parties to count and spread more sunshine and smiles than I ever thought was humanly possible. Last year he even had a modeling shoot with Target. Today a wonderful person at Target emailed me the photos from his shoot. The picture above is my favorite. He is a natural in front of the camera.
Here are a few things from this week that have made us smile. We let him pull out is own NJ tube. He has been trying to rip it out since it went in. We also gave him some chocolate ice cream. He liked licking his lips but wasn't able to swallow it. And every day this week he has gotten to snuggle with his brother and watch movies together.

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