Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We started out alright this morning but the day got rockier as it went on. And I HOPE we are finished with everything but sleep for the rest of it now. J slept, sat in his red chair, and sat on the edge of the bed again this morning and did well. But.
His heartrates and pressures have been higher today, his saturations have been lower, his lung haven't sounded as great, and he is having some green/yellow/blood-tinged secretions out of his trach. Yesterday we sent cultures and so far nothing has grown. It could be a virus or something else that we will never have the answer to. My child is an enigma more often than not.
This afternoon and tonight he is finally stooling and we are finally having a fluid negative day. If only it didn't also mean that he is having cramping and stomach pain. This evening it was so bad that he was actually crying real tears as he writhed around and his stomach rolled. We gave him a ketamine bolus and it lasted about 30 minutes. It should last waaayyy longer than that. His heartrates were still up in the 190's and he was still writhing in pain and it still felt like an alien was going to pop out of his stomach and then he pooped again. It gave him a minute of relief and he started right back up with the rolling belly, pain in the eyes, high heart rates. We have him chlorol and he also had benadryl (to pre-medicate for platelets) and a fentanyl bump. 30 minutes after all of that, he finally fell asleep. I hope and pray he can sleep all night long now.
We didn't get a chance to talk liver today with any of the docs. Maybe tomorrow. Please pray for J to have a pain-free night. I'm going to try to go to bed now so I can get up with him whenever he needs his momma. Good night, my friends.

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