Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jameson has been running a fever all day today. It got up to 39.6 and has been above 39 all afternoon even with tylenol and ice packs. His heart rate has been high all afternoon despite bumps and his CRP is up again today. The docs have switched around his antibiotics a bit. The vancomiacin is on for 9 more days and they've added mirapenum as well. They also added an antifungal but I forgot the name. Sorry.
He also lost his NJ tube (clogged up) and is in the process of getting a new one. Right before the new one went in, we were suctioning and he vomited. A lot of what came up was mucous and secretions and he may have aspirated some of it but Dad kept his cool and kept right on suctioning through it all. He seems to be doing better now; he may have gagged when coughing, not sure.
He has been fairly agitated all day long. The upside is that J is no longer alarmingly lethargic. Everyone is pleased to see him awake and alert; he no longer seems to be "out there" all of the time. I just hate that agitation and pain seem to be what brings him back to reality.
We anticipate the surgeons putting in a left chest tube tomorrow but we won't know until we see his morning chest xray. They may try to do it bedside, which is preferable. Hopefully we won't have to take a field trip to the OR.
Hubs was so relieved to come back and see Jameson and not have this big test looming over him. He passed the test, praise Jesus! I just sent him home to eat, relax, and sleep.

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