Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sigh. Jameson's left chest tube fell out sometime in the last day and he is in the process of getting a new one put in. This will certainly set him back a bit; chest tubes are excruciating.
He is also having his subclavian central line rewired and a new femoral line placed. If he can't get it in, the intensivist will rewire the existing femoral central line. The infection is culturing from both lines and not clearing even with high doses of vancomiacin, so the lines have to go. Replacing the subclavian is too risky with his edema so hopefully rewiring it will do the trick.
He slept most of the night but was agitated while stooling this morning. He had another big one today with more tissue. His temp also spiked up again this morning to 39 and he still is having green goobers from his trach when suctioning.
Little Man is home with a cold and Hub's final exam starts at 8 am tomorrow morning. I'm doing fine, just tired and wondering when we get to catch a break. When you carry a burden this heavy, it still weighs you down, even when someone else is carrying you. I know God is carrying us through these times and we will survive, but will my shoulders ever feel light again? Ever?

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