Sunday, December 5, 2010

My child has almost been Sleeping Beauty this weekend. I'm glad he has been sleeping a lot because his very brief awake sessions have not been that great for the most part; he is having a lot of high heart rates, has been fluid positive for two days, last night and this morning had painful stools and stomach cramps that brought on even higher heart rates(over 200). Last night we had to give him a pentabarb bump and he's gotten lots of fentanyl bumps all day long. He's has some fevers up to 39.4 that coincide with his heart rates and they go away after getting pain meds, namely his beloved pentabarb. Even sleeping he can't get his heart rate below 150 today.
As a result of being so fluid positive( he is up almost 900 over the past two days) he has a bigger effusion on his left side and for some reason it isn't draining welll through the chest tube. And his right upper lobe(lung) collapsed again. He is also up on his weight -over 3 kilos above his dosing weight. His girth is the biggest it has ever been, 67 cm this morning. The intensivist ordered at CT Scan for tomorrow morning(7:45am) so we can see what is going on with his fluid distribution and see where the fluid is and why it isn't draining. The night nurse is going to have fun trying to figure out how to condense his pumps. He currently has two trees with four brains and fifteen pumps. And a CT scan is a short road trip so I'm sure they will want to get him down to one tree. It is hard enough to take this act on the road with one tree and the vent and the chest tubes and everything else. The nurses are amazing.
Adding insult to injury, Jameson may have another hernia. His testicles have been swollen and bruised and (unrelated) full of blisters( no idea on the blisters except that he is fluid overloaded). He had an ultrasound this morning and we will get the results when we speak the urologist tomorrow. Forgive me, because they did find something and the intensivist did tell me what is was but I can't remember for the life of me. It isn't anything too serious. He isn't stable enough to head to the OR unless it was absolutely critical, so I imagine we won't be doing anything extreme.
Right now he is sleeping in his little red chair, sucking on a toothette. Every once in a while he opens his eyes and gazes at his Christmas tree. Picture included! So adorable. I'm so glad that he is able to have good peaceful sleep with so much going on.

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