Sunday, December 12, 2010

Still huge belly, still not peeing well, still very, very sleepy. Docs went down on the precedex again tonight to wake him up a bit more, added dopamine to raise his blood pressure to hopefully help him pee, and we are venting his NJ at awake/moving times to hopefully help gas escape. His girth was up to 70 this morning. I gasped when I heard that. When we were first in St. Paul, I remember getting close to 60cm and thinking holy huge belly! and now here we are at 70cm. I think that is almost my waist. And I'm like 3 feet taller than him. We will probably be getting an ultrasound to check out the contents of the abdomen; if there is ascitis in there, a belly drain would be a quick and slightly easy way to relieve pressure and take off fluid. Every time they've looked in the past two weeks there hasn't been much ascitis- which is great- but that means the rising belly is a little more complicated and not as easy to shrink. I think Jameson gives his doctors headaches. His parents too. :)
I do have some good news to share! The staph infection is not a bad one!! Thank you, Lord, for answering this prayer! The vancomiacin should knock it out soon and hopefully he will recover quickly. Amen!
I am back at the hospital and plan to stay here until Friday so Hubs can have more time to study and concentrate for his test. His big final is Thursday(16th) and he needs all the prayers he can get. Thank you for praying for all of my boys. I feel somewhat rejuvenated after spending a few days at home. Playing in the snow, snuggling with my Little Man, Mom and the dogs on my own couch, and sleeping 12 hours a night(seriously) fed my body and soul. Your love and prayers have helped as well. We are always so humbled and amazed by the love and support you all give to us. From stangers praying for our family, to neighbors we barely know but already love snowblowing out our driveway 3 times in one morning thanks to the plows, and everything in between, we are so utterly thankful. God has surely blessed us; through you, we see Him as we walk through this valley. Thank you and may God bless you as you continue to bless us.

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