Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jameson is not having a great weekend. I'm at home with Little Man and getting short reports from Hubs, so I can't share in great detail, but from what Hubs has said, he is +300 fluid positive today and he keeps desatting even though he is now up to 55% fiO2. He has been at 35% fiO2 for weeks and saturating around 99%. And now 55% fiO2 isn't good enough to keep his saturations above 88%. Gah! Part of that is becase he has so much extra fluid in his body, but certainly part of it is because he is sick.
His blood culture from yesterday grew staph. We won't know what kind of staph it is for a day or so. Some staph is very resistant to antibiotics and that would be really, really bad. He just started vancomiacin again today to hopefully treat the staph. God, please let it work.
He also isn't peeing well. Part of it may be pressure from the extra fluid. He has never peed well when he has a lot of pressure from a full belly. But it could also be because he is sleeping all.of.the.time. Part of that is probably because he is sick and needs his rest. But we need him to pee so the docs are planning to go down a bit on his precedex. He is very sensitive to precedex changes...he is so sensitive to all sedation/pain changes, God help him.
He was doing so well and now things are kinda scary. Please pray that he heals and pees and breathes well and his liver shrinks and his radiation enteritis goes away and his bowels heal and that radiation worked.......... He is still in a critically somewhat stable place, but he can crash so fast. It just haunts me to think how fast we almost lost him in September the day before his birthday. He was doing okay and 4 hours later he was on ECMO and the doc was telling us he just barely made it.
Thank you for your prayers. I know God is in control and I know he listens when we pray! Lets make sure he hears us with J's health needs tonight more than ever!!

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