Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jameson is doing alright. Yesterdays labs showed his white count up to 0.5. Wahoo! Keep going, baby! It is so hard to not be hopeful that this is a sign of his body healing and radiation working. Patience.
Going back up to 1.4 on the pentabarb has helped and he has been sleeping well. As a matter of fact, he is still asleep now from last night. It's like we have a teenager today. In other good news, the rash is clearing up. Amen. His skin is creamy and beautiful and he looks like the sweetest and most perfect angel sleeping in his big bed with all of his pillows and blankies. An angel in handcuffs because he is so strong and has such sassy hands. I love it.
Yesterday GrammyBear spent the day here and he sat in a red chair and loved it. He even played a drum. Can't wait to get him sitting again when he wakes up. I will post pictures tomorrow if I can.
Little Man brought a Christmas tree in and we decorated it and put a few festive things in the room. It is nice to see the holiday spirit in the room. Have a nice weekend!

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