Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yes, no news is good news...or at least stable news. Blood pressure is still up and down and he has been periodically desatting, but nothing severe. No bagging and no clergy. Amen to that. So, we sit with our critically stable son and wait. And wait. And wait.
Little Man came and saw his brother yesterday. He was intrigued with the drainages tubes and catheter. Typical four year old. He also told his brother to get well soon and kissed him. It was sweet.
Hubs spent the afternoon at home playing with Little Man and kicked me out last night. I tucked my sweet boy in and told him a million stories about boats before bed. He insists on wearing airplane pajamas to bed because he thinks the jammies dictate his dreams. If only it were that easy! I'd go on a Jammie shopping spree...oh peaceful sleep, how I miss you!
Not much else to say. As of now it is a waiting game. We pray that the treatment starts to work soon and that he can stay strong and stable through this critcal period. I look forward to the day when he doesn't need dozens of drugs and machines to keep him going. Until then, we wait.

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