Friday, September 10, 2010

J is still desaating but hasn't had any really bad drops since this afternoon. Your prayer help- please keep praying. He just got a new arterial line put in to get more acurate readings. Jameson keeps at least two people busy working on him 24/7. He constantly needs suctioning, moving, tube stripping, medication pumps started/stopped. The beeping is pretty constant. We aren't quite sure why he went from doing pretty well lungwise yesterday to this. It may have something to do with effussion in the pleural space. It may have something to do with mucus build up. It may be him fighting against the breathing machine- sometimes his saturations improve after they give him a paralytic.
I wish I knew where he was to give you a good picture. He isn't really stable, but it isn't terrifying at every moment either. He is very critical and will be for sometime. But my little guy is quite a fighter and doesn't seem to giving up.
It is so hard to be here but even harder to leave. Going home and spending time with Little Man is so difficult because I'm still "here". I wish I could be in two places at one time. My Little Man needs me too but leaving J when it is like this is almost impossible. He is missing his mommy, daddy, and his best friend. This just sucks for everyone.
I hope and pray my little one stabilizes soon. My wish is that we can all be home and together for Christmas. But maybe we can just make it through this night first...

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