Friday, September 17, 2010

Back at the hospital. During rounds the Dr said he was pleased with how J is handling ECMO. They are planning on aggressively treating and opening the lungs. So far the cultures from the lung loogies are coming back negative- no infections. We are going to try Metaneb today and see how he tolerates it. Metaneb is a newer procedure and it doesn't look like it has ever been used with ECMO, so we are going to start slowly and cautiously. Hopefully it will work!
I got Little Man into the clinic this morning and the strep test was negative but his throat is still really sore. Fever was gone, though. My brother bought Hubs and me large packs of Emergen C and another Immune booster thing...hopefully it will help us to stay healthy. But just in case, I'm rocking a stylish green face mask in the room and not getting too close to my sweet baby.
I brought him some fun love from home today- dinos galore!! He has soft dinos in his bed, plastic dinos on his shelf, a dino quilt covering his precious tummy and toes. I also brought my ipod and little stereo in so he can listen to some good music even when the awesome music therapy lady isn't serenading him. The doctor asked us to save the AC/DC until he is off sedation, but Radiohead and Bocceli have worked well this morning.
Our nurses are going to go into sugar comas with all the candy we have in the room. So far they like us and we love them, so this is working out well! I cannot say enough positive things about the care Jameson has been getting since this began. We love Children's and I am so grateful that we were here when this all happened. God is so good to us and I absolutely believe he put us here for a reason. Our Baby J is in excellent hands.

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