Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I am sitting next to J's bed tonight and trying not to think about where we are supposed to be. Tomorrow Jameson is supposed to be in Minneapolis at a Target photo shoot working the camera. Thursday he is supposed to have his first day of preschool. Instead he is lying unconcious in a hospital crib with tubes breathing for him, tubes draining yucky things from him, tubes medicating him. How did everything turn upside down so fast? How did this happen to my happy, healthy baby?
I always marveled at the strength of other people when facing crisis, thinking there is no way I could ever be that strong. But here we are. Alone I am not this strong. But I am not alone. We are not alone. We have family and friends- more than we could imagine- rallying behind us. We have an amazing medical staff helping to heal J's body and soothe our nerves. And most importantly we have our Saviour walking with us through this valley.
I don't even think it is possible for heart to break any more than it has this week. There is nothing more agonizing than helplessly watching your baby suffer. But I have faith that we will make it through this together.

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