Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jameson is at the tail end of a 6 hour trial with ECMO "off". He has done really well but his overall fluid is up for the day and he still has fluid hanging out in his chest cavity on the left side. Yes, that left chest tube that has given us do many headaches is at it again. It seems to be clogged and they can't really do much about it while he is on ECMO. At six they will turn ECMO back "on". The plan is to have him on ECMO for the night and trial again tomorrow morning. If all goes well and his left chest cavity and tube cooperate they will unhook ECMO and take the cannula(sp??) out of his neck.
Tomorrow -or even later tonight we should also find out if the sirulimus level is where it should be. If so his dosage should hopefully be very therapuetic and we should hopefully see our boy improve dramatically over the next week. I am sitting in his room and watching the beauty of his chest rise up with each breath- something that was absent a week ago. Last week at this time his chest didn't move at all and breath sounds weren't present at all. He has come a long way. My little miracle baby. My amazing gift from God.
I suppose it could just be that he heard the Twins won last night. It could also be the Enya ban -but in my defense, I'm not even a huge Enya fan. He needed mellow music and Uncle Nick had Enya on his computer. What's a mom to do?? I guess Dr Daddy wants to stick with all Radiohead all the time.
Praise God! Jameson still has a long ways to go before he will be considered even remotely stable, but we seem to be on an incline instead of a decline.

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