Sunday, September 12, 2010

We have new chest tubes in the old holes that are draining. Sounds like VATS is on hold. The oscillation vent was started and stopped and he is back on a traditional vent system with nitric oxide. It is working wonderfully. Unfortunatly that means that his lungs are constricting as a result of his sickness and he will most likely be on the vent until his treatments have started working. The hemotologists(they are the lymphangiomatosis specialists) are concerned about all these lung issues and the kidney issues that I've forgotten to mention and have asked us to think about a different treatment since it seems he is deteriorating. The kidneys aren't as bad as they were 10 days ago but they are worse than they were yesterday and the day before. We are hoping it is a result of some renal toxic meds he is no longer on and they will improve now that is is taking different meds.
Trach will probably happen later this week. Sedation will still be heavy for a few weeks at the least. Sounds like he may get a new central line tomorrow and then a more permanent and tunneled cetral line surgically put into his chest when he gets the trach.
I hate this so much. I hate that this is long term problem and it needs long term solutions. I hate how much medical info I am learning. I was so happy when House was just a tv show and not my life. I want to bring my baby home and hear him laugh and watch him run and cuddle on the couch and read books together. I don't want to be this strong.

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