Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday morning Jameson's progress seemed to have halted. He de-satted (oxygen % saturation dropped into mid 80s) several times Saturday night. His kidney function showed further decline (creatinine 1.1 BUN 58). His abdomen actually increased in size. His stool remained watery and became greener. He had a metabolic acidosis. He had a fever spiking to ~101.5, his heart rate was up, and he just generally looked sick. The major variable seemed to be starting interferon therapy Saturday morning, which was the original medication delivered to combat his underlying lymphangiomatosis a few weeks ago in St. Paul. The side effects of the drug are not great, but usually not too bad, giving most of the symptoms of influenza. There are instances documented where significant lung impairment/damage have occurred while on interferon. Given his previous decline on the therapy and his general regression in the first 24 hours of resuming interferon, it was held this morning to discuss more with heme-onc. The bit of great relief for the day was that he does not have C. diff causing his diarrhea...thank God!! He is now off the paralytic, but on more sedation. Last night he actually opened his eyes and squeezed my hands for about 20 minutes, it was great until the sedation took hold again. Yesterday afternoon and last night he actually did very well, but his kidney function didn't improve. Hopefully holding the interferon helps his kidneys today. His xray this morning actually showed the right upper lung lobe opened up a bit, basically the first time in weeks, so hopefully progress continues!! Today, we'll be getting a surgery consult on his left chest tube to do something about it's lack of draining the fluid around the left lung. J-man continues walking a fine line, hopefully he can break into a strut this week (preferably today)! Again, thank you for your all your support!

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