Sunday, September 12, 2010

Struggling bigtime with lungs. The morning chest xray showed a lot of junk in the lungs and the pleural space(outside the lungs). Surgeons are going to put in new chest tubes and if that doesn't help with the pleural space fluid he may head back to the OR for a VATS procedure, which- I think- is like vacuuming out the area outside his lungs.
In order to help with the fluid in his lungs they are going to possibly try giving him nitric oxide to see if that helps with o2 blood saturation. They are also going to try a different type of ventillation called occilation which will kind of shake his lungs and loosen some of the junk in there so they can suction it out. They will have to increase his sedation for this. It isn't very comfortable.
I think the plan today is at least five big steps, so we shall see how it goes. I will do my best to update as this busy day goes on.

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