Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So far the ECMO seems to be going okay. I think the goal is to see where we are in a week. Hopefully the rapamiacin will be working and his lungs will have healed enough to come off. The longer ECMO is used to more risky it becomes. Things like blood clots and brain hemmorages can occur and time on the machine seems to make them more likely. Every person seems to have their own ECMO limit. J has two nurses in his room at all times. One is in charge of ECMO and the other takes care of everything else. He gets labs run many times during the day and the amount if information and the number of machines in the room are mind boggling.
We started rapamiacin today and his hematologist is optomistic yet understandably nervous. As are we.
We also had birthday cake today. I'm hoping that got us off to a good start with the staff. Especially since we have yet to buy nurse candy. We'll get there. But seriously- cake. Auntie K ordered this raspberry marble cake decorated with dinos and it was awesome. She went all out. We sat in the family break room and wore party hats and crazy sunglasses and sang happy birthday. We didn't do it in the room- partly because I think it is a cake-free zone but also because Little Man came down and he can't see J like this. It is just too much.
Hubs and I are both exhausted yet not really able to sleep. I keep pacing- I should have gotten a pedometer when we arrived- I have probably walked miles in the PICU hallways of both hospitals already. So far no one has kicked us out of the room we slept in last night...maybe the cake will get us another night or two. Everyone here is awesome and they seem to be doing a great job taking care of my sweet Jameson.
Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers. I often find myself checking email, facebook, and the guestbook when I need a pick me up. It helps to see your support and know we aren't struggling alone even when we feel like it.

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