Sunday, September 12, 2010

Started oscillation ventillation. He seems to be doing okay. The pulmanolgist said he's going to require ventilation for a long time so he will most likely be getting a trach in the next day or so. To me that sounds so awful and scary but the drs have all said it is more comfortable and humane for him. He'll be more comfortable and be able to eat sooner too. I didn't ask but I'm hoping it means sedation can be lightened as long as his oxygen saturation stays good.
Sounds like he is going to get a new central line too but we aren't sure where the placement will be. Lots of things are going on and lots of things are depedend upon others so our game plan is in flux. Please keep praying. Today and this week are very critical and J needs all the love and strength we can give him to get through.

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