Monday, September 13, 2010

One of the new chest tubes is already not draining so the surgeons are going to inject a clot buster into it to hopefully clear it out. If it doesn't work we may have to head to the OR for the VATS procedure. But right now, he isn't stable enough for the OR. Everything is so touch and go right now. He seems to be going up and down hourly. I am so afraid and trying so hard not to look down that road but sometimes it is so very close. I keep pleading with God to not take my baby and then I just wait and hope and cry.
He is such a fighter and he has been popping back up every time he comes down and that is so encouraging. They did an echo today because he has been having such high heart rates. His heart is still perfect, praise Jesus. We are all still fighting as we wait for his interferon treatment to start working. Please continue to pray for the treatment to work and lungs to strengthen and work.

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