Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today is a little better than yesterday was. Amen! Jameson completely cleared out his bowels yesterday and I think he is feeling so much better. Yesterday he finished the day with -1500 for his ins and outs. So he has a lot less fluid(and poop!) in the system which is a great thing. His overall edema seems less today too.
His chest xray looked a bit better today as well. He still has that huge belly but his pressures are low and the girth is 58, which is not bad for him. Labs were all improved this morning too.
Yesterday the intensivist started him back on Precedex and that seems to be helping. He may have been having some withdrawl from it. This morning he is also back on Fentanyl and Versed. The 30 mcg/h they started today are a far cry from the 225mcg/h he was getting before we switched to the Dilaudid and then the Pentabarb. Hopefully his receptors have been reset and we won't need to escalate too quickly. He was a little awake this morning and not really happy, but not in pain. No unhappy faces, just sticking his lower teeth out once in a while. Now he's in his fentanyl happy place and snoozing with dino and blankey love.
He is still on steriods, insulin, meds to lower his blood pressure(I always mix up the lowering/raising names so I won't even try...), miralax, and about 20 other things that escape my mind. And feeds have slowly started today. Again.
As of right this minute, the intensivist thinks he is stable enough to take his radiation roadtrips. Amen! Now we just have to hope he stays steady or improves over the next few weeks. Thank you for your prayers; the Lord has been so good to us and He is answering our prayers. Team J has been storming Heaven and God is listening! Every day with Jameson is truly a miracle. God Bless and Skol Vikes! -Meghan

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