Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a quick update: J had a rough night last night desatted into the 80's and wouldn't come back up. They had to do some deep suctioning and increase the pressure and rate to try to get those lungs to open up. He is now satting in the low 90's but at 65% O2 and a rate of 24. So not ideal. The intensivists are toying with putting a chest tube in his left side to get rid of the pneumothorax and drain off fluid from his effusion. They are concerned that when the air comes out of the chest cavity, fluid will fill in the space. He is getting platlets for the second time today already. He is fluid up and they started lasiks again to help dry him out. His belly is big again(girth is 60 again) and he isn't pooping well so feeds have been stopped. The intensivist also wants to see if feeds have any impact on lymph production. Only "gatorade" for J now. They have also increased the amount of fluid they are pulling out of the belly tube to 200ml/every 8 hours. Sedation and pain meds have been increased 3 or 4 times in the past 24 hours alone to keep up with his needs. His Fentanyl alone is up to 155mcg/hour. Plus bumps. Plus methadone, vallium, versed, precedex...and I know I'm missing a few.
We really need that MRI. But as of now he isn't stable enough to get it. He is tentatively scheduled to get his MRI trach(without metal) put in at 2 and then have brain, chest, and abdominal MRI done around 4pm. (The brain part is only a post ECMO check and we all anticipate that part to be just fine.) Please pray that his lungs improve dramatically over the next few hours so he is stable enough to have his MRI. God Bless!

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