Thursday, October 21, 2010

No CT today, but it probably worked out for the best. Just as the were about to go on the road with the entourage, they found out the CT Lab had no power/lights. Instead, our SuperDoc went to work with the afternoon plan: removing the non-draining left chest tube and sticking a needle in the left effusion and pulling off fluid. The old left chest tube wasn't that old- it was the one put in for his pnuemothorax and it had never drained much and probably did nothing but irritate him so good riddance, chest tube! His left effusion was bigger this morning and needed some draining since it was affecting his ability to breathe so she stuck a needle in his chest and pulled off about 140mL of chyle(the fluid). He is now satting much better but he is still on 70% O2. His post needle-drain xray looked better but they are holding off on the CT until he is more stable.
On the infection front, Jameson has not gotten worse, he may even be a bit better. His fever has been down a bit and he hasn't had tylenol since 3 am. The cultures sent out haven't grown anything yet so we don't know what we are fighting. His white count was way up this morning, almost all nutrifills(90%).
He is now heading into his pentabarb coma today and off all other pain and sedation drugs. The EEG machine is monitoring him continuously and a neurologist will be coming by sometime to check on him.
SuperDoc is going to put in an Arterial Line shortly to continously monitor his blood pressure since it is still low and he's still needing the meds to pop it up.
Hubs and I finished our trach care class in record time. Suctioning and cleaning the trach on a fake, totally still baby was easy! So was the CPR. I have a feeling by the time we will be trying out our new skills on J, it probably won't be so easy. Just getting a diaper on him is challenging enough when he is well! They recommend swaddling hands in a blanket while doing trach care, I'm thinking handcuffs will probably come in handy...
So, maybe CT tomorrow if J feels up to it. Radiation probably won't start until the infection is treated and long gone. Always busy, always changing...hopefully only for the better from here on out! Thanks for checking in and praying. Love, Meghan

PS...Just found out, they are starting him on IVIG to boost his immune system and they are about to get a culture from his lungs through blind lavage. Should be safer and easier than a bronchoscopy right now.

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