Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three smooth days of transfers and radiation! Be still my beating heart! And it is totally a result of your prayers. And our Supernurse. And Superdoc. We are so blessed to have such an amazing team working with us. On the way back through the tunnels our radiation oncologist caught up with me to introduce herself. She was in Boston all last week at a radiation oncology international conference so we have only met her partners until now. She mentioned that she learned of five other new and unpublished cases of lymphangiomatosis being successfully treated with radiation. Hallelujah! Hopefully we will get a chance to meet with her soon and find out more information.
Jameson just had a chest tube put in a few minutes ago and he's already had about 80mL. The chest x-ray showed it needs to be pulled out a bit so they are working on fixing it right now. Hopefully his stats will improve now that his effusion is on the way down. Just to recap, he now has one chest tube in the right side, one in the left and one tube in the belly. This is the 4th one he's had on the left side.
No other news today...radiation is scheduled for noon every week day and we leave around 11:30am for the trek.
Oh, sedation! He is finally found his happy place last night after 4 pentabarb boluses and lots of hand holding. But they are again changing things up so hopefully it will go smoothly. He is off versed right now and they are dialing down the fentanyl and that will be off by the end of the day. Then he'll only be on precedex and pentabarb for at least 7 days. Hopefully this time the reset will work. Fingers crossed, knees bent. :)
I think Little Man is coming in and we may do a family movie on this cold, blustery day. I hope you all have a great and blessed day and thanks for checking in! -Meghan

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