Sunday, October 17, 2010

So the plan seems to change daily.... The pentabarb is working well but he needs lots of bumps and he is pretty much maxed out on the other pain meds so there is talk of putting him in a medical coma with the pentabarb for five days and take away all of his other pain and sedation drugs to reset his receptors. That way they can start back up with the versed and fentanyl at lower doses again. We should find out later today when the pain doctors come in if that will happen and when.
The lymphangiomatosis plan is changing again too. We started him back up on interferon today. He is also getting celebrex, steroids, and curcumin (tumeric, yes a spice). We may hold off on the Avastin for a week while he is in the pentabarb coma because once he gets the avastin he won't be able to heal for a while. We want to give his nasty trach site another week to heal first. Avastin works by stopping new blood vessels from forming, which is what will hopefully halt the lymph production, but it works on everything and that is why healing is also halted.
He is also on insulin now because the steroids have raised his blood sugar. And he just got more platlets. Thanks to everyone who gives blood yet again! I think that is it for the med changes...
But we are in flux so this could all be changing again- who knows?! What I can tell you for certainty is that we will be watching football and cheering for our Vikes. Skol Vikes!! J can't clap but he's cheering 'em on in heart! God bless!!

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