Friday, October 1, 2010

Jameson is back on interferon, celebrex, and a higher dose of sirolimus. As a result, his kidneys are not happy, but at this point his creatinine is still at an acceptable-for-J level. His lung function is also still doing well. He really likes the pressure SIMV ventilation he is on. His morning chest x-ray also looked fine this morning. The Dr's discontinued a few of the antibiotics he is on, so hopefully that will help to give his poor little heiny a break. You moms all know what I'm talking about! They are hoping to increase his feeds this week as well. Additionally, he continues to break through his sedation so yet another sedative, precedex, has been added to the mix to decrease his agitation. Not sure if we already mentioned it or not, but both red-heads and people with Down syndrome metabolize pain and sedation drugs differently and tend to need more. Of course, in true J fashion, he has to have both both DS and red hair. :) He is quite the addict at this point but we will have plenty of time to wean him once we are over this hump.
If he continues to stay stable and not decline over the weekend, he will have his tracheostomy on Tuesday at noon. While having a trach isn't ideal, none of this is. At least with a trach, he will be more comfortable and won't have tubes sticking out of his mouth any longer. It will allow J to have lighter sedation and eat sooner when the times comes. All around, it will make J's hospital stay more comfortable and healthier, which is the most important thing.
As if this weren't enough to think about, Hubs has a huge final exam for med school next Thursday. These classes started the day before J was hospitalized so Hubs has been trying his best to stay above water, but it hasn't been easy. I know he doesn't want me to mention it because he wants all the prayers to go to Jameson, but God is big enough to handle both things; so if you have a few spare moments, please keep Hubs in your prayers this week too as he attempts to learn it all and pass his all day exam Thursday.
I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful weekend!

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