Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today is a good day. Yesterday and the day before, Jameson was in a lot of pain and breaking through his mega-doses of pain meds and sedation meds and literally crying with chin quivers and all. It was torture to see him suffering. The pain team and intensivists decided to add Pentabarb to the mix. This is a great sedation med and he seems much more comfortable. He is so sedated, it is like he is just one step away from being in a medical coma. It is helping bigtime. He just looks great today. Now that he isn't hurting all of the time, he is calm and able to concentrate on healing.
Additionally, our awesome Team J isn't ready to pack this in at all! His intensivist spent her night off doing research and we now have a tentative Plan B if the Avastin doesn't end up being the magic bullet we all are hoping and praying for. It feels so good to have another plan and know that everyone is still fighting to get our sweet J healthy and home again. Because this is such a rare and unknown disease with no known cure or even standard treatment that is proven to work, everything is experimental and we just have to hope that something works. Plan B still needs research -and hopefully we won't even have to go there- but if the Avastin doesn't work, we will probably try radiation. My little tough guy is hanging in here! Thanks for checking in and please keep those prayers coming! :) God Bless you all, Meghan

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