Thursday, October 28, 2010

Four down, eight to go! I'm at home with Little Man but Hubs said it went well. I saw J for a bit this morning and he was comfortably sleeping and looking good. Little Man has been needing some extra love this week so I'm trying to spend a few full days with him.
This morning was Little Man's Halloween party at school and the Trunk or Treat in the parking lot. It was so cold and there were snow flurries. I loved watching the 3 yr olds struggling to hold their bags going from trunk to trunk to get candy and treats and think about how cute Jameson would be in his costume as his teachers try to keep him from sitting down and eating the candy the second he gets it at each car. He was supposed to be in that preschool class; maybe he can join late or next year after he gets better. Little Man wanted to be a boat captain and he wore his daddy's Navy hat with some of his old ROTC medals on a blue blazer. He was so proud to be his daddy for Halloween. After getting the treats we all went inside and the kids sang some fall songs for us. It was adorable. Little Man didn't sing the songs during the program; instead he stuck out his tongue and made faces at me in true him fashion. Wish I hadn't forgotten the camera at home. God bless my big boy; he keeps me sane and gives me more joy than anything else could right now.
Stay tuned for super cute Halloween pictures this weekend! Have a great day and I'll update tomorrow after day five of radiation! We love you all dearly and every day we are so thankful for your prayers, love and support.

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