Monday, October 25, 2010

Sedation issues -what's new? Off pentabarb and it doesn't look like the receptors have been reset. He's already at 100mcg/h of Fentanyl and it is giving like 5 minutes of relief after bumps. So propophol has been added. Holy canolli it knocked him out the second the line went in! Don't worry, we have way better doctors than Micheal Jackson had. Waaaay better.
Right upper lobe is collapsed again so we are working hard to get him ventilating better before he takes this act on the road. Right now he's at100% O2 and satting around 89. Yuck. They are getting some decent goobers at suctioning so hopefully it's a mucus plug and we can get it out soon.
Since we are off the pentabarb the EEG is gone; no more onion hat. Yay. But based on sedation issues and the fact that propophol is a short term thing, both pentabarb and onion hat may return. We'll see what the pain team comes up with after we get back from Abbott.
As of now and pending desatting issues we are all set to go ahead with radiation today. The trek through the tunnels is scheduled to begin at 11am. Please prays for smooth travels and throw an extra one up there for our nurse today. She just got back from a week in NYC; nothing says welcome back to work like having J plus a long field trip. I hope you all have a blessed Monday morning and I'll make sure to check in when we get back to our room this afternoon.

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