Thursday, November 4, 2010

We are still having saturation issues. J is on 100% O2 and still desatting. While he isn't setting the alarms off he still hasn't gotten above 89 today. Crappy.
Even with colon cleaner he still isn't having great poop either. Right now he isn't stable enough to go to radiation so we've rescheduled for 4 pm today and the goal of the day is to get him stable and satting at least above 85 consistently and not on 100% O2 so we can keep his appt. His girth is still up- 61 cm. We are checking abdominal pressure right now and will probably be getting an ultrasound to see if there is a fluid pocket the abdominal drain can't get to. If so, he may take a quick trip to the OR to either get a belly tap or another belly drain put in. Joy. Okay, just got the pressure and it was fine, so this plan is on the back burner...we are going to turn him on his tummy right now to see if that helps and try to pull more fluid off the belly drain.
Today is green day at school for Little Man and we are both decked out in some great Irish green. I'm praying for the luck of the Irish to be with J today. We know that we have a great medical team and powerful medications and procedures to work with but only God can save. Ultimately, His plan will prevail and His plan is good. We cannot praise Jesus for the good in our lives and curse him for the suffering. He is the same God today as He was the day he gave us our Baby J. And I am thankful for that. I praise Him in this storm and pray that he sustains our family, heals our Jameson, and that all of this suffering and pain will ultimately glorify Him. And today we have extra prayers for lungs to work. Thank you for praying with us and for us.

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