Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jameson has done alright over the past day. Still off the norepi with decent blood pressures. We are going down to 2.0 on the pentabarb today. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition. He does still have bouts of irritation and agitation and they do seem to correspond to rumbling and gurgling in his precious tummy. He is obviously experiencing pain in that region. But usually after a few minutes, it calms down a bit and he settles. He does need occasional bumps and he gets tylenol and chlorol at times and his precedex was upped again, but overall, he's handling the detox and pain fairly well.
Yesterday he was opening his mouth really wide and we noticed he has a brand new molar on the top. And later I noticed that he has two more on the bottom just breaking through. Poor kiddo. We tried baby orajel and he is not a fan, but I don't blame him; it tastes awful. He much prefers the jolly rancher suckers we've been giving him to lick whenever he sticks his tongue out. :) I don't know anyone who deserves a little sweetness more than Jameson.
He has needed blood about every other day and the docs are thinking that it is related to the belly chyle's brighter red color. It seems he is leaking a little more than usual. Not much we can do about it and I'm not sure if the output has actually gone up or not. Sorry.
Tomorrow we have a care conference in the afternoon with all of Jameson's doctors. I am a little anxious about it. Overall, we are in a better place and Jameson seems to be in better health than he was at the last care conference- which had me in tears for days afterwards- but we cannot deny that fact that his disease is still uncontrolled. Pray for us and for our doctors as we discuss J's health, options, and future.

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