Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just a quick update to calm nerves! J has had a great weekend. He has been breathing well on the vent and even got down to 35% fiO2 for a bit Saturday! He's been at about 55% fiO2 all day today and satting in the 90's. Good things! His blood pressures started to go low Saturday and last night they started to get too low so he is now on norepinephrine(sp?) and doing great on it.
His heart rate and temp also went up, up, up Friday night. He hit 38.9C and it now on the heavy hitting antibiotics again. They are also running cultures on everything, but just like the last time he was septic, no one is expecting anything to grow. J is a mystery! The only great thing about the fever is that his saturations get better. At one point when he was hot (38.9) he actually satted 100% on 60% fiO2. Wow. 100%. Awesome, except for the whole high fever thing. But today he has been good on temp and saturation. And the Vikings won in OT. We were so excited and celebrating so much the intensivist actually came in the room to tell us to quiet down. Not sure if he was kidding or not. And our Supernurse wore her AP jersey. Loved it. We actually have Supernurses on during the day and at night this weekend. Awesome. So yes, great news all around, minus the possible infection thing.
Really excited to get to Wednesday and not have fieldtrips for awhile. Not sure what the plan for lung radiation is yet but as soon as we find out, we will let you know. At this point, he is in slight bone marrow failure from the radiaiton and some of his medications so I think we have to wait until his marrow gets a little better before we can start the lungs. Hopefully by that time we'll see reduced belly fluid and see that radiation is working for our little man!!
Oh! I almost forgot! Other big news from the weekend is that when Hubs was gone, I cut Jameson's hair a bit. Hopefully this week on the road, people will stop whispering about "the sweet baby girl" in the hallways at Abbott. Seriously. Even with long hair he looks all man to me, but I caved and cut. He still looks super cute and I'll have to take a picture and post it to prove it. How could J ever not look cute. :) So much for a quick little note....hope you all had a great weekend!! Love, Meghan

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