Monday, November 1, 2010

Again, sorry for not updating earlier. Jameson has had a good day and did really well on his field trip to radiation. We are now halfway done with ab zaps! My mom went back home for a few weeks so we tried taking Little Man along for the ride today and he did really well. They sweet ladies in radiation oncology even let him pick out some sweet treasures and stickers for himself and J. Then we ate lunch together at the cafeteria and Little Man watched a movie in J's room while I got in my kisses and love with J. The highlight of the day was putting Jameson on his tummy. It was awesome! First time since we've been at Minneapolis Children's that J's been flipped over. Our Supernurse made it look so easy too. Why, you may be asking, is it difficult? Well, first off his trach site still isn't healed all of the way and very sensitive and needs to be kept pretty still and straight on. Secondly, chest tubes with drainage lines hooked up to large suction/storage containers. Thirdly, IVs and lines everywhere. J's on a tight leash. But she did it and he promptly feel asleep and seemed oh so happy to be on his belly. Hopefully we can do this almost every day.
Thank you for checking in. God Bless! -Meghan

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