Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jameson is having a bit of a rough day. He is having low blood pressures, 60's/20's so he is back on norepinephrine. He also having higher heart rates and fevers (above 39C) and showing some signs of discomfort during his more frequent awake times.
We all think it is highly unlikely that this is a result of an infection. Jameson just completed 8 days of vancomiacin and is still on mirapenum. But just in case, the intensivist ordered one more dose of vanc today.
It is a possibility that this is pentabarb withdrawal. He spent a long period of time in the pentabarb coma and it could be that we need to wean him a little slower. His methadone was upped today and he's been getting a lot of dilaudid bumps so we are able to keep him comfortable most of the time. He also his getting to spend more time on his belly, which helps(yay for flexitrach!). He saturates better and seems more comfortable whenever he has tummy time.
Hubs just took Little Man home to make snowmen and play outside in the winter wonderland and I'm going to stay here with J tonight. As we were driving in this morning and trying to stay on the unplowed roads, I was thinking about how the last time Jameson was at home it was "diaper weather." And now it is snowpants weather. This coming Tuesday marks 11 weeks in the hospital. 11 weeks since we've all been a family under one roof. 11 weeks since I've gotten to hold my baby and see him smile and make him laugh. I am so grateful we have this time here for Jameson to heal and get better, but, man, I'm really looking forward to bringing him back home as soon as possible.

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