Sunday, November 21, 2010

J's had a really rough day. Sedation and pain have been a major problem over the past 24 hours. Jameson spent most of last night and today with heart rates above 180, sometimes up to 210. He has moments were he just writhes and is in so much pain and it happens so fast. It all seems to be related to abdominal pain. He seems to have some relief after having bowel movements but the relief doesn't last long.
We've tried upping his fentanyl and methadone; we have given chlorol, vallium, ketamine and nothing gives him relief for more than an hour. Even with both vallium and ketamine in his system at the same time his heart rate didn't get below 160 and less then an hour later he was back up to 210 and writhing in pain. Our SuperDoc is putting him back under with pentabarb. Which means we will probably be back on norepi for soft pressures shortly.
Jameson also started having blood in this urine last night and tonight he started having blood bubble(slowly but still a significant amount) out of his NJ (feeding tube). He is no longer being fed anything and they are running cultures on the blood coming out of him. He is also getting platelets and packed red cells right now.
We've done extra abdominal xrays tonight and SuperDoc looked at his heart with an ultrasound as an informal echocardiogram. She thought it looked alright so we aren't having a "real" echo done anytime soon.
Please pray that our sweet Baby J can get some comfort and relief soon and rest. Thank you for checking in and God bless.

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