Monday, November 8, 2010

Jameson did well on the radiation trip yet again. We made it there and back uneventfully and tomorrow is that last day of ab zapping!
He is saturating well- 95% at 55%fiO2. Not too shabby.
He is still showing signs of infection even though nothing has grown on any of the cultures sent out. He is now ruddy again just like the last time. He hasn't had a fever in over a day now. We just don't know what is going on with him. He is on vancomiacin and mirapenum (heavy duty antibiotics) and it is causing some kidney distress. His creatinine was up to 1.2 and BUN was also high...I'm blanking but I think it was in the 60's or 70's. And I can't spell medical terms- sorry to all of Hub's friends.
The past few days he has been very fluid positive which isn't great. He is getting bumex(to make him pee more) but every day for the last three days it has leaked at one point or another...we've had these problems in the past and J's bed and floor have been heavily medicated during our stay. He also isn't pooping much. We had a few days where it was looking better but not enough is coming out of J. His chest tube sites are putting out about 1/2 of what they used to hourly and today they haven't been able to get anything out of his belly and just 2 days ago they were pulling out 400mL at a time(every 8 hours). While this at first seems great- maybe he isn't making the fluid- it isn't the case. He is up almost 2 kilos in weight. So, the pee, poop, and chyle are in there and just not wanting to leave his body. I don't get it.
Sigh, at least he is breathing better... With Jameson, if it isn't one thing, it is three others. My poor baby. The other day when he was in radiation I just dropped to my knees in the middle of the room and begged God to please heal Jameson and let us keep him for so much longer. On the way back to his room from that trip he started breathing better. I believe with all of my heart that God hears me and loves me and loves Jameson. I believe that Jameson will live. But I can't help feeling bad for all of his suffering in the mean time.
After radiation, Little Man and I went to the Como Zoo for the afternoon. We enjoyed watching the polar bears and giraffes. The last time I was at the zoo, Jameson was with us and we had a wonderful time and picnic lunch with great friends. I can't wait to get back there with both of my boys next summer.

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