Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cabin Fever

It has been a long two weeks with the croup as our unwelcome guest and the cabin fever was really beginning to get on my nerves. So, I baked.

And ate.

And enjoyed coffee in a sunlit living room fort.

We built Lego star ships, played pirates, read many books, built more forts. And then baked and ate again.

I was really doing my best to stave off the stir-craziness we were experiencing. But by Friday morning, there was nothing left to do but join the Dark Side.

Hubs, alarmed at my level of insanity after two weeks of being a shut-in and nurse maid, quickly suggested dinner out. He probably could have suggested hot dogs at Target and I would have jumped at it. I didn't mention that so instead we went to a nice little pub with amazing food. I didn't want to press the insanity case so I left the camera at home. I had a duck burger. It was awesome. Totally wish I would have gotten a picture of it. Yum.

It was hard to not think about how Jameson would have been trying to scale the table to swipe his brother's cup, toy, food...

Which is probably one of the reasons eating out for our family usually means camping and eating, well, out.

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