Friday, January 14, 2011


I am trying to reclaim everything. Starting with my kitchen.

Hungry? Cooking makes me happy.

Even the sink looks gorgeous.

Eating makes me happy, too.

Little Man loved the radish salad, but I think dessert was his favorite part.

Being in the kitchen helps me find a huge part of myself that has been gone for a long time. Even though life will never be the same, doing the same things helps us all to reclaim our lives and discover our new normal.

I'm finally claiming the house and trying to organize it the way I like.

What's that? It doesn't look organized to you? Well, I had a great helper while consolidating and taking inventory of the art supplies.

It was so much fun to get our craft on. We haven't done it in so long and it used to be the norm. I was a construction paper queen. Little Man is still a glue expert. We both loved the stamping and LiteBrite practice.

I'm abolutely enjoying getting to know Little Man again. I missed him so much when J was sick; for four months I was not his caretaker and that was terrible. Losing Jameson was unimaginably awful and my heart will never recover. I'm so grateful to have my Little Man back. The two of us have both changed a little and our relationship is different without Jzilla in the mix.

I'm loving our time together. Reading, cooking, crafting...everything is more fun with Little Man. Every night before bed we've been playing UNO Attack! together as a family. Four is a really fun age. I love game time almost as much as book time. Almost.

Cuddling up together under the leopard Snuggie and reading book after book after book may just be one of the best treasures we share.

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