Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Your Green On

March is such an exciting month!

St Patrick's Day, March Madness, Spring...how can you not love March?!? This post is a friendly reminder to fill out your brackets, find your most obnoxious green shirt, and start thinking about replacing the snow shovel with the garden spade.

If you've never filled out a bracket before, you are in luck because I am an expert in bracketology. I use a very scientific method in filling out my bracket. Are you ready? You may want to take notes. I try to always pick the team that has a location or mascot that I like. And I usually lose well. Really well. But at least I have fun.

For St. Patrick's Day, I'm not quite sure how it will all pan out this year, but I guarantee, rain or shine, pediatrician visit or not, we will be decked out in green and orange come Thursday. I even bought a spiffy new pair of knee highs from Target and can't wait to rock them. They have been sitting on my dresser for weeks and I almost drool when I see them. As of now, the forecast is rainy with a chance of croup and a Dr's appt. late enough that we just might miss the parade. But we will be there in spirit if nothing else! Little Man just can't seem to pass on croup when it comes around and we almost had to take a trip the the ER Sunday night, but the nebulizer treatments, vaporizer, and occasional trips outside have helped significantly. We already had a Dr's appt. scheduled for Thursday morning so if the croup gets worse we'll get that taken care of too. If we do sneak out the parade and you see us there, maybe don't hug Little Man.

As far as the gardening goes, I don't think I can safely trade out my snow shovel yet, but the dream is alive and well. I am officially sick of snow for the season and ready for the spring thaw to come to Minnesota. Our living room is littered with seed catalogs and gardening books and hastily drawn blueprints of the backyard and which seeds go where. And if you happen across any of said blueprints, no, Little Man did not draw them and yes, I failed art in high school. Okay, not really, but only because the teacher was nice. Anywho, we are super excited to have a garden, spend time outside in the dirt and sun, and (hopefully) enjoy a bountiful harvest all summer long. Little Man, especially, is over the moon about eggplant and wants to grow 6 different varieties. Good thing seeds are cheap.

Happy March, my friends!

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