Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving On Out

I'm sitting on a dog bed in a living room that used to be small and now seems really big. We sold our couches. We are all missing them, but it is only for a little while. We move out of our house soon and I am trying so hard to get the momentum to pack up my book collection and everything else. Getting started is always the hardest part. But I'm a pro, so I'm not worried. I think this is our 10th or 11th move since we've been married. I'd like to blame the Navy, but Hubs has been out for 2 years now. I'm starting to think we are just Gypsies.

Where are we moving to, you might ask? Good question! We are moving way up north, to a small town in Northern Minnesota for just one year. Hubs will be doing his clinical rotations at the local hospital and we will get a taste for small town living and a real winter. I think we are going to love small town living- we spent five weeks in Roseau, MN last summer and I completely fell in love with the town and the people.

Now we just need to find a house to rent! Apparently, renting a house is proving difficult because of our canine children. I'm sure something will come along... God always provides. Plus, we have a little time before we head up north.

We like to keep things interesting and moving is no exception to the rule. We move out of our place at the end of the month, head out on a road trip for three weeks, and then move up north. We are taking a trip out west, driving all the way out to the Oregon and Washington Coasts, stopping in neat cities all along the way. The excuse for the trip is to check out hospitals and residency programs so we can, you know, move again in another year. But it is also just going to be an awesome vacation. We will be camping most of the time, just not in big cities. Ah, but more on that another time. It is now time to make the pancakes.

Happy Saturday, friends!!

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