Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Feels Like Home

Sorry I've been away for so long.  Life has a way of getting busy and crazy and then maybe even a little crazier.  But good, too.

Hubs had a week of vacation.  It was amazing.  Auntie K came out from Minnesota to play and we went to some of our favorite places.  We spent a day at the beach and ate crepes with nutella and banana and whipped cream, which is a little bit of heaven on earth.  We had chowder in bread bowls.  We went downtown and ate at some award winning restaurants.  We drank some mighty fine oktoberfests.  We hiked in the rain and stopped to smell the roses.  We hugged a few trees.  Little Lady even puckered up and smooched a few.  My kids love to hug trees and it makes my heart happy. 

After Auntie K flew home, Hubs got to work and put in our microwave and our floors!  We have real floors.  No more particle board floors that suck up every.little.spill like a sponge.  There is still a little left to do, but Lord have mercy, my house feels like a home. 

Yesterday I unpacked pictures.  We've been here for months without art.  It was awful, but I didn't realize it until I actually hung a few things up yesterday.  I can't wait to get the hammer and picture hangers in full swing again today, although I will wait because....  Drumroll, please....  I finally finished painting our bedroom closet and today is the day I unpack our clothes! 

Here is how I see it going down:  I'm going to vacuum up the dog hair in our room and lay our all the bins that will become Hub's "dresser" and then I'm going to get the mega box of hangers out of the garage and then I'm going to literally dump every article of clothing we own out onto the floor and start sorting.  Since Little Lady is such a great helper, this should be a fun all day project.  In a way, it's kinda like Christmas.  I get to unpack a whole wardrobe!  And maybe tomorrow I might put on clothes that I haven't worn every day for the past three months straight.   Ho, ho, ho. 

The chaos gets more and more fun every day.  But now I've got to get going and start the day.  These school mornings can get a little dicey with kids who want to sleep in.  This is called karma and everyone who knew me in high school should be laughing.  I was the world's crabbiest waker-upper ever.  I hated mornings so much that I would shower in the dark.  Blow dry my hair in the dark.  Curl my bangs with a hot curling iron in the dark.  I even put on my mascara in the dark.  Which may explain why I didn't date much in high school. 

Exciting things on the horizon: my Dad is coming to visit soon.  I start a nanny job for a cutie pie little guy soon.  Soup season is officially here. 

I'll check in soon with my 1000 list...I'm at 200 now! 

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