Wednesday, October 2, 2013


1000 List
1. Cleansing rain
2. New beginnings
3. Kilz paint
4. Morning snuggles with sleepy babies
5. Doggy deep breathing at my feet
6. Professional installation. 
7. Park Time with new friends
8. Thunderstorms
9. Nap times
10. Thai food
11.  Cool evenings and family walks
12. Swim lessons
13. Tissues with lotion
14. Daddy's day off.
15. Home depot employees
16.  A Good vet
17. Losing my voice while learning to hold my tongue
18. Running water.  Clean running water.
19. Wrinkle free dress shirts
20. Turkish delight.
21. Reading together too late at night
22.  Enjoying the all night snuggle with the sick and fussy baby. 
23.  Football season and a working TV.
24. watching her hair grow and curl the same way her brothers did
25. Text from hubs with an unexpected and early leaving from work. 
26. Gummy vitamins
27. Teeny wet footprints
28. Coyote howls
29. Having a loop in the house
30. Watching them play together
31. My moms meatloaf in the oven
32.  Baby squirrels chirping and chasing
33.  Painting with toddlers. 
34. Daily new beginnings
35. Spider webs
36. Coffee.  How did I wait this long to write coffee?
37. Tissues with lotion
38. Fresh bread...even if it didn't rise right
39. Baby gates
40. Wild flowers on the side of the road. 
41.  Baby squirrels chasing each other in the trees. 
42.  Acorns
43.  Watching my boy play four square with new friends
44.  Coffee. Did I already say that?
45.  Being married to my best friend
46.  Having a mom who always picks up the phone even when I call 7 times in one day.
47.  Garden snakes.  Yes I did just say that.
48.  Not being afraid to try drywalling.
49.  IPod music
50. When the word neighbors really means friends
51. The enchilada sauce that breaks in the new kitchen.  Yes the paint really is scrubbable.
52.  Thunder and that rain smell that gets into your brain and makes you feel like a kid with a sidewalk full of puddles and no one around to say don't.
53.  Buddies for my kids
54.  A job interview that feels more like coffee with an old Friend
55.  Football season
56. Pumpkin anything and everything.
57. When she made a sound effects while playing with planes and trucks.
58.  Footie jammies
59. Beach days
60. Pints on the deck
61. Flying kites
62. The way birds sail in the breeze
63.  Pizza by the slice
64. Salty ocean air
65.  Low heavy clouds and blue skies all at once.
66.  Waves crashing on the sandy shore. 
67.  The perfect mix of sun heat and breeze
68. Sea gull cries.
69. Driftwood
70. Watching kids chasing birds on the sand
71. Sand and barefeet
72. My sons clothing fleece pants with a muscle shirt and Mardi gras a restaurant.  Love.
73. Bedtime.
74. Hot showers
75. The newspaper.
76. Chasing wves in the ocean
77. Being big spoon at bedtime
78. My washing machine
79. My dishwasher
80. Hand me down clothes and toys
81. Sticky notes
82. Watching promises unfold in His time
83. Wind chimes
84.  Hearing my kids singing
85. Unintentional funnies from kids
86. Hearing the birds sing while lying in bed early
87. Mops
88. the snooze button
89. Living in a tight knit community and not being an outsider
90.  Watching diggers
91.   Music.
92. Clear starry night.
93.  Bread rising on the stove.
94. Pizza night with family
95.  Laughter of my kids playing together.
96. Comfy bed.
97. Spider webs catching all the fruit flies
98. Golden leaved falling from the trees
99. Cooking for my family
100. promise of eternity
101. Cloudy days
102. Sword ferns
103. Tree swings
104. Baby grass
105. Hope
106.  Fragrant wet cedar
107. Living in America
108. Pacific time zone so I can actually stay awake to finish a game.
109. Birthday cake
110. Late night laughter with hubs
111. New babies
112. Impromptu dinner invites
113. C S Lewis.
114. Encouraging texts and emails from friends.
115. Tree climbing
116. Chaotic playgrounds
117. Slides and static electricity.
118. Clouds heavy with rain rolling in
119. Kids playing tag
120. Fiery maple leaves
121. Late start days
122. Doggies running in their sleep
123. Marshmallows
124. Pictures on my kids
125. Neighbors
126. A good cold beer after a long day
127. Answer of small prayers and seeing the gifts they are.
128. Being able to connect with family and friends so easily with technology
129. Hot showers
130. Exciting opportunities
131.  Having options
132.  Realizing that almost every problem in my life is a mere first world annoyance and what a blessing that is even when it sucks
133. Owls on a hike
134. Out of town guests
135. Vacation days
136. Seeing the wonder of everything from a childs eyes
137. Silver flashes of birch in the wind
138. Cool fall mornings
139. Restaurants with play areas
140. Sleeping baby eye lashes.
141.  Tutus
142. Mountain vistas
143. Tide pools
144. Slugs all over on a hike
145. Getting to share favorite places with favorite people. 
146. Sisters
147. Elk poop
148. Rainy beach days
149. Fig and goat cheese crepes
150. Nutella
151. Bread bowl clam chowder
152. Fancy coffee presents
153. Backing up my hard drive a week before the computer crashes
154. Working and clean smelling furnace
155. The ocean.
156.  Laughter. 
157. Yellow galoshes
158.  Watching kids splash in puddles
159. Steamy grass after a rain shower
160. Getting to Starbucks a few minutes early. 
161.  Getting to go to Starbucks at all.
162. Whipped cream.  Seriously. 
163.  Pumpkin spice is this my first time!?
164. Remembering Gods faithfulness and seeing it even in the hard times.
165. Not having to wait at an awesome restaurant
166. Dust motes in a stream of sun
167. Crisp cool fall air
168. Baby snores
169. Still getting big hugs and kisses at school drop off
170. Craig's list
171. Crisp sweet apples
172. Having a handy hubs
173. Napping in the sun on a cool day.
174. Getting to stay home with my lady
175. Wool socks
176. Playing I spy with wood floor grains
177.  Pink dress up hats
178. Snails
179. The national anthem
180. My boy.  Always.
181. Rocket inventions. 
182. daddy daughter snuggles
183. Singing babies
184.  Hallway bowling
185. Composting
186. Staying dry on super rainy weekends
187.  Finding the perfect job.
188.  Toothpaste
189. Soup in the pot
190. Finding an old friend close by!
191. Sunflowers
192. Blue skies and sun after rainy days
193. Finishing projects
194. Toddlers jumping
195. Piano lessons
196. Discovering a new good book
197. Apples and cinnamon baking
198. Rosy cheeks
199. Jammies with feet
200. Modern medicine
201. Movie days
202. Coffee with whipped cream just because
203. Exploring with kids
204. An extra bedtime kiss
205. Down comforters
206. An organized closet!

And for the record, Hubs has like twice as many clothes as I do.  Throwing him under the bus...  Happy Wednesday!

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