Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The More of the Book

I was at Sam's Club a few weeks ago with Little Lady and there was no rush.  Usually, Daddy and the kids and the dogs are all in the car waiting and a trip through Sam's feels more like a supermarket sweep as I rush through the aisles as fast as I can flinging 55 lb bags of dog food in here, 20 lb bags of flour there and don't forget the coffee. Lord Almighty, never forget the coffee!  Only at the end, it isn't all free, so it really isn't anything like a supermarket sweep, I guess.  There's always a catch, isn't there?  But we had time.  It was a week day and Daddy was at work, Little Man at school and the dogs were sleeping in their beds at home, oblivious to the fact that Mom was just down the street from the dog park.

So we took our sweet time and went up and down every aisle, even the ones in the middle that hold nothing but the promise of money spent on things we don't need.  And spend money we did!  I found myself unable to resist the pull of a new dress shirt for Daddy.  Our dryer ruins his shirts weekly and I am sick of finding grease stains from the dryer randomly streaked across shirts after I've already halfway finished ironing and he needs a shirt tomorrow.  Sigh.  But I digress. 

And the book section.  Always torture for me.  Walking through a book store and not buying anything seems wrong on so many levels.  Books are good.  Books are life.  Books make me drool. Until I bring them home and remember I have no.more.room.anywhere.  We have stacks of books everywhere.  The bookshelves are overflowing.  There are boxes full of books in the basement.  In the bedrooms.  In the closets.  I spent weeks when we first moved here trying to whiddle down the books in our collection, with the end result being less than ten cut from the pack.  Sigh, why would I want to part with my friends?  Even if they are really heavy, bulky friends who I never really spend time with and have moved 13.times.in.10.years.  God help me, I need to stop buying books!

We bought a book.

This book.

It was worth the money and the space on the shelf.  I read the adult book Heaven Is For Real shortly after J died and was so happy I did.  It was amazing and comforting and wonderful.  And this is that book, but for Little Man.   I bought hoping it would make him feel good and get warm fuzzies when he thinks about Jameson in heaven and all the great promises we have to look forward to.  And it has done all these things and more!

The more is awesome.  The more is helping with bed time and fears and anxiety.  The more is having such a clear picture of his powerful Guardian Angel described by a boy who went to heaven and saw them for real.  The more is my son going to bed knowing that there is a powerful Angel standing by his bed all.night.long.every.night. with a flaming sword, keeping watch over him because his God wants him to sleep safely and peacefully.  And he does most nights, now.  The more rocks. 

We will not be culling this book.  Ever.

Now we just need to get the other child sleeping.  Teething is a *fun* process!  Which is why I buy my coffee in bulk. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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