Friday, March 2, 2012

Pink Explosion

It has been just over three weeks and I still find myself looking at Little Lady and thinking "holy crap, we have a daughter!" I've been a "boy mom" for almost six years now, lived in an all-male household for the past ten years, and been a tomboy myself for 30+ years. This whole girl thing is wild to me.

Yet, while I fully intend to raise her in muddy blue jeans and tractor T's, I've gotta say, the pink explosion that has taken over our mailbox is growing on me. We have pink elephants and bunnies, polka dots and ruffles, bonnets and bloomers, and even shoes! My washing machine looks like an Easter basket on laundry day. And I love it.

Little Man loves it, too. He likes to sing songs about her being his valentine, he wants to hold her and kiss her all.of.the.time, and he's still a little upset that he can't marry her someday. My boy is such a great big brother and he makes me swoon with his sweetness.

I love to kiss her too. She has this light brown peach fuzz on her head, she smells like lavender and vanilla, and is so delicious it is hard to not kiss her. I still can't put her down for very long. Although, the initial euphoria has dissipated and fatigue has completely set in, so putting her down at night is nice.

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you all have a great weekend! This is what we are looking forward to this weekend:
Sleeping in.
Olive oil and rosemary cake with lemon curd.
Sunshine and snow.

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