Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby Love

I love her so fiercely, my Little Lady. She is a perfect gift from God and it is so apparent He made her just for us. I love the way she looks *just* like her biggest brother, to the point that I could mix up baby pictures if she weren’t so skinny. I love the way she smiles in her sleep, as if she knows a great secret and she probably does. I believe babies come straight from heaven and Little Lady probably has grand memories of hanging out with her other brother before gracing this world with her lovely presence.

She is so sweet and so beautiful and she has completely stolen my heart. We are all in love with Little Lady over here. I love watching Little Man look at her and kiss her and tell her how much he loves her. How he wants to make her laugh and tells her elephant jokes.

I love watching Hubs hold her and grit his teeth because his heart is going to explode with love, watching him look at her and then tell me how she has utterly ruined him forever, this daughter we never knew we needed.

I love how she hates the cold, much like her second oldest brother and I wonder if the reason she was late was because he warned her and told her to stay in as long as she could. In that case, I’m almost sorry we evicted her.

She has such a gentle spirit, although I know there is feistiness in there somewhere.

She rarely cries. She is incredibly alert when she is awake, although she prefers to eat and sleep and snuggle as much as possible. She smiles all of the time. In her sleep, awake, while eating. I’ve never seen a newborn smile so much.

I love how at three in the morning every night, she needs to be held for at least an hour before I can put her back in her bed; I’m guessing she has snuggle withdrawal and I usually do too. If I could hold her 24/7, I would. Not holding her gives me anxiety and I actually feel jealous when anyone else holds her. I told Hubs she is like crack for me and I cannot get enough. My heart has stretched and grown ten-fold since meeting her.

I love her, my perfect Little Lady.

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