Monday, January 30, 2012

Eviction Notice

We've been patient. We've been logical and pleased that this little stinker is getting bigger and stronger by the day. But now, I'm beyond ready. He/she also seems rather cramped; I know because sticking both feet as far into my ribs as he can while simultaneously shoving against my bladder with all his might must be a sign that there isn't enough room. My suggestion was to come on out. His seems to be to have me explode.

So now, we've given an eviction notice, although, our OB hasn't gotten the memo yet; however, I am confident she'll be on board. So far, nothing has worked. I tried making a birthday cake last week, in the hopes we could inspire a birthday.

No dice. At least we got good cake out of the deal. Lemon chiffon. Yum.

Then we tried spicy food. Chorizo chili with hot peppers in homemade bread bowls.

Nothing. But again, it was a tasty dish.

Over the weekend, we tried walking the baby out, acupressure, yoga moves, and just about every other thing I could think of. Except castor oil. I'm not that desperate. Yuck. I even had the priest do a little prayer to start labor after mass on Sunday.

This morning, the brisk run to the bus stop with my perpetually late firstborn didn't do anything but wind me. And I'm fairly certain, that while tasty, the large quantity of pineapple I'm currently eating will do little more than give me heartburn.

This child is stubborn.

And I am huge.

And ready. And excited to meet this baby. Whenever that may be...

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