Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nap Time

Is it bad that it is only 9am and I've already had two breakfasts and am gearing up for a nap? I am hugely pregnant and not sleeping well. Between the fatigue and the hormones and the discomfort, I'm ready for this child to come! I want to be comfortable and sleep on my belly and not have to wear Hubs' sweats everyday because I've outgrown everything else. I was joking with the Dr. that I'll probably get more sleep after the Newbie arrives. She looked at me like I was crazy. Which I probably am, but that isn't news. Honestly, after Jameson, any baby will give me more sleep. He needed to eat every two hours and it took him 45 minutes to finish a 2 oz bottle. And he was like this until he turned one. So yeah, I think I should be okay with the night feeds this time around. And I really, really hope I'm not jinxing myself here.

But how could I not enjoy all of those extra snuggles when he was this cute???

I'm taking it easy as much as possible on these frigid, exhausting days. Dinner is in the crockpot(orange chicken!) and I'm sipping a mug of warm water, which may sound gross, but our house is too cold(62 during the day, 58 at night) to drink cold water, so I've been doing this since October. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of -6F, which makes us wish we were living in Seattle and having a fun few days of "Snowmaggedon" instead of the measly 1" and bitter, bitter cold we have here. I am still so surprised that we are nearing the end of January and we have no snow here, in Northern Minnesota. Crazy.

I wanted to share a few food pics from the past few weeks. From my birthday dinner we have homemade classic baguettes, two yummy bruschetta toppings- white bean and sun-dried tomato and sauteed spinach and mushrooms with garlic, goat cheese marinara, and zabaglione for dessert. It was such a great dinner. And lunch the next day!

I've been cooking and baking a lot. The bagels were spinach and sun-dried tomato bagels and delish. We had a butternut squash and goat cheese pasta for dinner one night, loads of good breads, and caramel apple sharlotka and Double Musky carrot cake for desserts. It has been a dynamite food year so far. Really, the only bad meal we've had this year was when we went to a restaurant. Go figure.

Alright, it is absolutely nap-time. Have a nice afternoon and stay warm!

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