Monday, July 11, 2011

Cashing In

We've been having gorgeous weather here for the past few weeks and are not taking it for granted. Even though we've been really tired and not feeling at the top of our game, that hasn't stopped us from getting out and enjoying a Minnesota summer. After all, we've earned these good days- why else would anyone deal with the bitter cold all winter long if there was no summer?

And now we are cashing in and hitting up the beach, going canoeing and fishing, playing tennis in the park, walking to the zoo, using the slip and slide, enjoying popsicles and novels on the front stoop. We even went for a bike ride on the Gateway Trail. It is a state trail and I somewhat joked that I was surprised it wasn't barricaded since the government has shut down almost everything else fun in the state this month; It was open, busy, and Little Man was able to bike 10 miles! What a guy! Then we stopped for ice cream and grilled out in the backyard.

What I am not doing this summer is taking pictures very often. I am also not using the computer as is a good change. Being outside and actually doing something is way better than reading about it or talking about it online. So with that, I'm off to finish my coffee and get Little Man ready for swimming. I hope you are all having a wonderful week and making the most out of your summer!

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